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Fragrant votive candles - The classic among the scented candles

Votive candles are the classic among the scented candles, the execution with which everything began. The small candles are lit in a votive glass in which they liquefy. This gives them a great deal of scent and can unfold their full aroma. In addition to the fragrant aspect, votive candles are also beautiful decorative elements.

What is a votive candle?
A votive candle is a very small candle, which must be placed in a corresponding votive glass before it can be lit. Votive glasses are available in different versions. From simple transparent to colorful and beautifully decorated votive glasses. The most important thing with all votive glasses is that they are heat resistant and do not break by burning the candle.

How is a votive candle used?
As described above, a votive candle must be placed in a glass provided for this purpose. In this heat-resistant votive glass, it can then be lit. The candle liquefies with time and gives off an intense scent.

What are the benefits of a votive candle?
The advantage of the votive candles lies in their easy handling. Unlike a large candle (housewarmer), the votive candle does not have to burn until it liquefies. This is due to the smaller surface that the candle has.
Another advantage of the votive candles is that they are very cheap. Thus, they are perfect for trying a fragrance or combining different fragrances. To mix several fragrances with votive candles, you can simply place them in their glasses just next to each other. Yankee Candle, however, provides e.g. also a votive glass, in which three different candles have place.
In addition, this variety of scented candles is very decorative, as they can be placed in colorful or decorated votive glasses. These can be distributed in different places in the room, which creates a very special ambience.

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