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Hair conditioner for silky soft well-groomed hair

Conditioner make the hair wonderfully soft and supple. They also moisturise the hair. They give them new shine and make them look healthy and well-groomed. Particularly useful are conditioners for dry, brittle or unruly hair, which are easily knotted and difficult to comb.

Tocked hair

Dry hair often appears dull and neglected. A conditioner provides dry hair thanks to its rich ingredients with moisture and gives them luster. Regular use is recommended.

Brittle hair

Often, hair is naturally strawy and unruly. They like to knot themselves during the washing of the hair and can not be combed at all. To prevent this, a conditioner is ideal. It makes the hair soft and supple and thus provides for easy combing after washing the hair.

How to use a conditioner

A conditioner can be used daily. It is always applied after washing the hair. For this purpose, it is important that the shampoo has been thoroughly washed out and there are no residues left in the hair.

Subsequently, a small amount of the conditioner is applied to the wet hair and distributed evenly. It is best to massage the irrigation a little into the hair. It is important not to take too much, since otherwise the hair can look greasy at the end.

After the conditioner has been allowed to act for one or two minutes, it is time to rinse it out. This should be very conscientious, so that no remnants of the contitioner remain in the hair. This would make the hair heavy and make it strandsy and neglected.

The right conditioner for every hair type

As with the shampoo also, there is the appropriate conditioner for every hair type, because dry hair needs clearly different ingredients and a different care than greasy hair. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the needs of your hair type when buying a conditioner.

Buy the right conditioner online

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