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Scenterpiece System

Yankee Candle® ScenterpieceTM Easy MeltCup System

Changing fragrances has never been so easy! Because the Scenterpiece system is the flameless room fragrancing solution from Yankee Candle and an elegant, practical system for heating wax.

The system consists of the Scentpiece Easy MeltCup Warmer, a power-driven scented lamp, and the Easy MeltCup, a heat-resistant cup containing the scented wax.

And this is how it works: insert the plug of the warmer into the socket, remove the lid of the Easy MeltCup and insert it into the recess provided in the warmer. Within a few minutes of switching on the appliance, the MeltCup will emit a wonderfully pleasant fragrance. With the Scenterpiece system, you can change the fragrance in seconds without touching the hot wax: simply replace the heat-resistant Easy MeltCup and you will have a new, intense fragrance in the room in no time at all - without the wax having to cool down first and without cleaning. By the way, the MeltCups are extremely productive and emit their scent for up to 24 hours.

The Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup warmers are powered by electricity and have a 1.80 m long power cable. The warmers only get so warm that the MeltCups melt, but never hot. They are available in a variety of attractive designs - there is sure to be something to suit every style of interior design and taste.

The Scenterpiece system is perfect for anyone who doesn't want open flames in the living room and for anyone who likes a new fragrance in the room quickly and easily. Very easy!