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Omega Via Barberia

Via Barberia shaving care

With its extensive experience in beard and shaving care, Omega from Bologna has now introduced a completely new shaving care line, the Via Barberia Shaving.

It was created on the principle of creating everything on a natural basis and that has also succeeded with great success.

The inspiration for the name Via Barberia came through an ancient alley in Bologna. There are legends about the famous barbers of Italy.

The products differ in three different fragrance families, each of these fragrances is very unique but never intrusive.

This guarantees you, day after day, a ritual and healthy beard care.


Omega also offers a wide range of beard brushes in addition to nursing products. Among other things, made of real roofing material or synthetic high quality.

Omega is sold all over the world and can be found everywhere, where you can still appreciate good traditional traditional beard care and also practiced at your home.