Omega Rasierpinsel reine Borste 10098 schwarzer Griff
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Rasierpinsel Omega 10098 reine Borste - Metallring - Professional

Der professionelle OMEGA 10098 Rasierpinsel aus reiner Borste wird vorwiegend in Barbiershops in der ganzen Welt eingesetzt.

Der Griff ist aus schwarzem Kunststoff mit einem Metallring. Handfester Griff durch die größere Grifflänge.dambiro


Borstenlänge: ca. 65 mm

Borstendurchmesser: ca. 27 mm

Gesamtlänge: 143 mm

Grifflänge: ca. 80 mm

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Frage zum Produkt
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5 von 5 effective brush

This is a large brush; the handle is large and the knot is large. I have large hands, so it works fine for me. Some people have complained about the bristles being too stiff and having an unpleasant smell. This is quite typical of boar brushes. There are some things you can do to improve this situation. Although It will probably shorten the life of my brush, I heated some water in a pan on the stove to about 165 degrees F. I dipped the bristles only (not the handle) into the hot water for just a couple of seconds and then allowed the brush to cool. I repeated this process a couple of times. This kills most germs that might remain in the brush, softens the bristles, and removes much of the odor. I then washed the bristles a couple of times in warm water and a scented shampoo. By then, most of the unpleasant odor should be gone. For the first couple of time you use the brush, you might want to use a highly scented shave cream such as Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood to mask any remaining odor. When using the brush, soak the bristles in very warm water (around 125 degrees F) for 5-10 minutes to soften the bristles before developing your lather. Whether using a hard soap, or a soft cream, this brush will quickly whip up a rish lather. When you are through shaving, rinse the brush thoroughly, dry it on a towel, and then allow it to air dry. Although I hang mine upside down for a minimum of 24 hours to dry, some claim it does not matter whether you hang it or stand it upright; just do not put it in a closed cabinet until it is thoroughly dry.

., 29.11.2018
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