The beard is off - With this set succeeds!
Dambiro has put together a clever starter set to make it easy to get started with wet shaving for beginners and changers.

Open flames in the living room are undesirable? The room fragrance should be changed quickly and easily? Yankee Candle has the solution!

What a (scent) mixture!
With nourishing argan oil and beguiling amber interweave white flowers, vanilla, almond, sandalwood and a small splash of lemon.

The mission of HYDROPHIL:
To sensitize customers in everyday life with their products for a more sustainable consumption. "We want to achieve beautiful things with beautiful things," says the Hamburg company founder.

NEWLY ARRIVED: Three pretty liquid soaps from Nesti Dante

The three skin-care soaps with natural ingredients are ideal for daily cleaning.
The contained olive oil nourishes the skin, restores its elasticity and provides it with sufficient nutrients.

Giving joy is sometimes so easy:

Our dambiro vouchers open the door to the great variety of!
Expect noble perfumes, high-quality care products, home lines and traditional Italian brands.

The recipient may browse our assortment to your heart's content. ...

Body, face and hair: The oil from the flesh of the coconut is a true all-rounder and due to its antibacterial and nourishing power even for irritated, oily problem skin ideally suited.

We have some products with coconut in our assortment. Enjoy browsing ...

Mix it! Create your favorite fragrance duo by Gandini
The eau de cologne "My Gandini 1896" are by themselves already among the exceptional perfumes. But together they are unbeatable!
Each unisex fragrance can be combined with up to four other from the series on the skin. This creates countless individual duos for him and her...
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Dream, Love and Smile are fragrances for people who can live with passion, courage and creativity.
The trendy collection is dedicated to dreamers, people who like to fall in love with dreams, imagine colorful horizons or their own emotions.