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L'Amande Maison - High quality products for a beautiful home

Wellness for the senses! With the "Maison" line, L'Amande is expanding its product world around wellness and body care with four fragrance lines for the home. The high-quality products are perfect for lovingly perfuming your own home or office. The products are of the highest quality and pamper the senses with long-lasting fragrances that are pleasant and unobtrusive.

  • Intesa: A refined and intense fragrance that lets us experience the atmosphere of our own home in a positive way. A fragrance composition of white musk and amber that creates sensations of purity and warmth.
  • Preziosa: A balanced fragrance with warm notes of sandalwood and the sweet aromas of vanilla. This fragrance creates a feeling of pure harmony in any home.
  • Pura: Notes of cedar and cashmere pamper the senses with this fragrance. This fresh and pure fragrance creates a delicate and homely atmosphere, recalling the lightness of the simple things in life.
  • Zèfiro: This fragrance is like a fresh sea breeze. The Zèfiro is a wind deity from Greek mythology and embodies the mild westerly wind. It is a symbol of rebirth and a messenger of spring. The fresh fragrance with sparkling citrus notes is elegantly combined with floral aromas and a hint of amber.