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Gli Officinali soaps

Nesti Dante Gli Officinali

Now it's square! Few soaps in the assortment of Nesti Dante are square. Gli Officinali already. This is not the only reason why "Die Medizinische" stands out from the other fragrances of the traditionally rich soap manufacture. Rather, in the six natural soaps, fragrant flowers and precious medicinal herbs unfold their magical effect and thus also have a therapeutic benefit.

The healing squares smell and pamper the skin with moisturizing vitamins and nutrients as well as energetic tonics. This refreshes, makes silky smooth and soft. Some of the flower and spice soaps help the skin repair damage and turn back the signs of the times.

Nesti Dante has rediscovered the traditional medicinal plants and interwoven with intense blossom-absolute: for example sunflower and saffron, hydrangea and rhubarb or - our absolute officinali favorite - calla and rosemary!

All Gli Officinali-specimens are lovingly packaged and decorated with loops. The highly effective foam dispensers not only smell wonderfully, but also do good!