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Dolce Vivere soaps

Nesti Dante: Dolce Vivere

Fragrances and aromas are shaping us. A variety of receptors in the nose ensure that humans can distinguish thousands of odors. These are strongly connected with the centers, which are responsible for basic needs such as hunger and thirst, but above all for emotions and memories. We still recognize a fragrance after decades, which we associate, for example, with a poignant moment or a special encounter.

Nesti Dante, in the Dolce Vivere series, captures the fragrance and sweetness of Italian life. The enchanting natural soaps stand for the dream cities and regions of Venice, Florence, Portofino, Sardinia, Capri and Rome. Let us go with Nesti Dante Dolce Vivere to a fragrance trip of a special kind, which guarantees memories.