Coconut Professional Hair Care 8 Items

Coconut Professional Hair Care

The Coconut Professional Hair Care Series from Phytorelax

From the Phytorelax Laboratories comes the Coconut Professional Hair Care series, a high-quality hair care series based on coconut oil with exceptional cosmetic properties. The oil is a valuable ingredient obtained by pressing the dried pulp of coconut. Coconut oil is a natural remedy with emollient, soothing and protective properties. Used daily, coconut oil is a real beauty booster for dry skin and hair. The oil moisturizes, has an antibacterial effect and protects against external influences. In some tropical countries, coconut oil is used for daily body and hair care to nourish skin and hair, to protect against dryness and premature aging, and to make it silky smooth and supple.

Discover the amazing properties of coconut oil in this range of professional hair care products!