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L'Amande Eco Bio - the certified green series

The products of the L'Amande Eco Bio series are all ICEA certified. ICEA stands for "The Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification". This institute is one of the most important organizations in Italy and Europe for promoting fair and socially sustainable development, from organic farming to areas such as bio-ecology. The organization monitors and certifies companies that perform their activities with respect for people and the environment.

All L'Amande Eco Bio products are natural products that are completely free of chemicals that could be harmful to humans, animals and the environment. They contain only ingredients that are allowed by ICEA. The products contain vegetable glycerine extracts, aromatic waters and vegetable oils from certified organic farming. The products are free of genetically modified raw materials and free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, parabens, sulfates (SLS / SLES) and lanolin. All products are strictly dermatologically and microbiologically tested to ensure good skin compatibility and are suitable even for sensitive skin.

The perfect products for a green conscience!