With "My Gandini" everyone becomes a fragrance designer

My GandiniMix it! Create your favorite fragrance duo by Gandini
The eau de cologne "My Gandini 1896" are by themselves already among the exceptional perfumes. But together they are unbeatable!
Each unisex fragrance can be combined with up to four other from the series on the skin. This creates countless individual duos for him and her.

Become a creative fragrance designer with My Gandini!

In perfect harmony

The fragrance experts of Gandini presented the implementation of the idea with great challenges. After all, thousands of all-natural essences had to be selected for those extracts that, while standing alone, nevertheless perfectly harmonize with the selected other ingredients. Only when tone-in-tone intermeshes does an ingenious fragrance-opera come into being that touches all the senses. In addition, all blends should appeal to both ladies and gentlemen.

100 percent unisex!

We from dambiro not only tried out all the scents individually, but also mixed them together.

Our absolute favorite: the combination of pomegranate + frankincense with teak wood. However, we have not discovered a single mixture that would not have harmonized. Remarkable: Every new fragrance blurs the line between women's or men's fragrance. A statement in terms of equal rights!


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