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The right toothbrush for dental care

The most important tool for dental care is the toothbrush. They can be used to remove food and dental plaque from the teeth. However, the toothbrush should always be used together with a toothpaste. In addition, dental care should be supplemented by the use of dental floss and mouthwash.
The right toothbrush is important

The perfect toothbrush is not available. To find the right toothbrush, it depends on the different preferences of each one. However, some points should be considered when selecting the toothbrush.

Toothbrushes can be bought in different degrees of hardness. They are available in soft, medium and hard. However, you should not use a hard toothbrush as this can damage the gums and tooth floss. To recommend a toothbrush which is medium or soft.

When buying a toothbrush you should also ensure that the bristles are rounded. This is also important to avoid gum injury.

In addition, it is advisable to choose a toothbrush with a handle, which is good in the hand, so that the cleaning movements can be carried out well.

If the toothbrush has a small head, one gets well with it in the rear areas of the mouth. This makes it possible to clean difficult-to-reach chewing teeth.

The arrangement and alignment of the bristles is secondary. In dentistry, the right cleaning technique is the right thing to do.
No toothbrush lasts forever

It is important to change the toothbrush regularly, as no toothbrush will last forever. At the latest, when the bristles of the toothbrush are bent and frayed, it is time to say goodbye to the toothbrush and use a new one. However, it can be said that the toothbrush should be replaced every two months.

The reasons why you have to change the toothbrush

If the bristles are bent and protruded, the risk of gum injury is increased. In addition, the toothbrush then does not clean properly. In addition, bacteria and micro-organisms accumulate between the bristles, which are brought back into the mouth with each brushing.
Tips to keep the toothbrush hygienic

Always store the toothbrush after cleaning so that the bristles can dry well. Never place them with the bristles down into the toothpaste cup. Bacteria can not multiply as much in dry bristles as in wet ones.

Place the toothbrush every now and then in a glass with mouthwash, this time naturally with the bristles down. The antibacterial mouthwash kills the bacteria and thus you have a clean toothbrush again.
Buy the right toothbrush online

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