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Tesori d'Oriente

Tesori d'Oriente, the Italian cosmetic line of aromatic essences for perfumes and personal care.

The vision

Tesori d'Oriente was born out of a vision to give every human being the opportunity to re-create a sensual experience in their own four walls for their own well-being of body and mind. Tesori d'Oriente was created to transform the body care into a true beauty ritual of unique fragrances, precious and regenerating components and emotions, such as an endless journey.
Beauty rituals not only arouse life spirits, but also promote the inner balance and lead you away into distant lands.

The name

The name was chosen to represent the essence of brand identity.
Tesori = "treasures", the selection of fine ingredients and the unique packaging, with the soft and elegant aluminum;
D'Oriente = "from the East" because they are inspired by the philosophy of oriental beauty, and create fragrances and essences of oriental aesthetic tradition from the most demanding ingredients.


Since the foundation, the concept of Tesori d'Oriente, which is based on the holistic well-being and the physical and mental balance, has been built up: body care becomes a moment of detachment from the stressful routine, to an inner feeling of deep joy and balanced relaxation to find.
Nowadays, Tesori d'Oriente is a complete line of beauty rituals, recognized for the high quality and unique fragrances that take you away to distant lands.