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Sun Protection

The right sun protection

The sun and the UV rays can become particularly dangerous for unprotected skin, leading to premature skin aging, sunglasses and, in the worst case, skin cancer. In order to prevent this, proper sun protection is indispensable.

What types of sun protection are there?

Sunscreen for the skin is available in many different forms. The most common are suncreams, sun milk, sun gels, sun fluids, sunsprays and sun oils. Which type of preparation is best used depends mainly on the type of skin.

Suncream: Suncreams are quite thick and rich. They are particularly suitable for dry skin, as they strongly refound.

Sunmilk: Sunmilk is thinner than sun cream and therefore, similar to a Bodylotion, can be distributed more easily on the skin and is also absorbed quickly. Sunmilk also leaves a slightly greasy film on the skin.

Sun Gel: The sun gel is especially suitable for oily skin, as it does not grease. The skin is beautifully matt after the application of the sun gel and does not shine.

Sunfluid: Similar to the sun gel, the sun fluid is particularly suitable for oily skin, as it does not re-grease. The solar fluid is very thin and can therefore be distributed well on the skin.

Sun spray: As the name suggests, a solar spray can be sprayed onto the skin. This simplifies the application and distribution on the body very much, especially if one wants to smear the whole body large area.

Sun Oil: Sun oil is an oil that contains a light protection factor and thus protects the skin against UV radiation. Nevertheless, many oils favor the tanning of the skin. Sun oils are very greasy and leave the skin shiny.

Which sunscreen is right for me?

First of all, the light protection factor plays a very important role. Depending on how light or dark the skin is, a corresponding light protection factor must be used. Light skin needs a very high light protection factor and dark skin a less high, since it has a higher intrinsic protection.

Furthermore, the skin type plays a role, so whether you have more greasy or dry skin. Depending on the skin type, you can then use a greasy sunscreen or one suitable for greasy skin.

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