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Baby soaps and soaps for children

Baby and children skin needs a special care with particularly mild soaps, which are specially made for babies and children. It is especially important that the soap does not contain any harmful ingredients. The best are pure natural soaps without perfume. For somewhat older children, liquid soaps can also be gripped, which especially when washing hands provide a lot of fun. The liquid soaps are very attractive for the little ones due to their design and the delicious scent.
Soaps for washing, bathing and showering

In order to clean the delicate baby and children's skin, it is recommended to use a very mild soap without perfume in addition to water. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the soap contains only natural ingredients and is free of chemical additives. For this reason, a classic soapy piece with the abovementioned properties is best suited. In our range you will find such soaps specially for babies and children or very sensitive, allergic skin.
Soaps for hand washing

It is important to practice the daily hand washing in the child age and to convey how important it is. For this purpose you can of course use a normal mild soap or special liquid soap for children.

Liquid soap makes hand washing often more fun because the children can push the soap out of the dispenser. In addition, the soap dispensers for children often have a pleasing design, which provides for more hand washing. In our assortment, The liquid soaps from SapoNello, which, besides the colorful drawings on the packaging, smell wonderfully. The combination of fragrance and design makes them extremely appealing for children, which means that the little ones are really looking forward to hand washing.
Buy the right baby soaps online

In our shop you can buy baby soaps and soaps for children online. We offer special soaps for babies and children from the brands Nesti Dante, SapoNello and Valobra. All soaps meet highest quality requirements and were made in Italy.