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Shaving Soap

Shaving soap for the classic wet shave

To the classic wet shave, the shaving soap is just like a shaving brush and of course a razor or a razor blade with appropriate razor blades. You can choose from a variety of different utensils, including the shaving soaps. There is a huge selection and many differences.

What are the shaving soaps?

One can roughly distinguish between four different shaving soaps.

Hard shaving soap

The hard shaving soap looks almost like an ice hockey puck. It is either delivered in a crucible, where it can also be frothed directly, or is delivered without a crucible or as a refill. Then you need yourself a small bowl, in which one then foams the shaving soap. You can either put the entire shaving soap into the crucible, or rub off something from it. An example of hard shaving soaps are the specimens of Haslinger.

Soft shaving soap

The soft shaving soap is soft, as the name implies. This shaving soap is delivered either in a crucible or in a refill / storage pack. The soft shaving soap is also foamed in the crucible. One example is the shaving soap from Cella.

Shaving Cream

A shaving cream is similar to a soft shaving soap and is delivered in the tube. The shaving cream can be applied either in the crucible or directly on the skin.

Shaving Stick

A shaving stick is like a firm shaving soap from consistency. However, you do not need a crucible to use, because you can distribute the soap directly on the facial skin with the stick and then froth.

What do you need for the wet shave except shaving soap?

In addition to the shave soap, a razor blade or a shaving brush, a shaving brush, preferably a shaving brush, and possibly a shaving lacquer, are needed for the wet shave, depending on what shaving soap you want to use. Who wants to soften the beard hair before the shave, needs a small towel. This towel, soaked with warm water, can be placed on the face before the wet shave. It soaks and sets the beard hair, which leads to a better result of the shave.