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Shaving Soap

Shaving soap for the classic wet shave

The natural way to the perfect shaving foam! The shaving soap provides a comfortable wet shave and is more environmentally friendly and skin-friendly than its competitors from the can. Our shop offers a huge selection of shaving soaps from many TOP brands!dambiro

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Shaving soap for the classic wet shave

The natural way to the perfect shaving foam! The shaving soap provides a comfortable wet shave and is more environmentally friendly and skin-friendly than its competitors from the can. Our shop offers a huge selection of shaving soaps from many TOP brands!dambiro

What exactly is shaving Soap?

Shaving soap is a strained soap that is specially developed for wet shaving and turns into a creamy and fine-pored shaving foam that has a long shelf life. This is because the foam has to last for about three minutes before shaving in order to soften the beard hairs well and prepare them optimally for shaving. It must also open the skin pores so that the stubble can be shaved as close to the skin as possible. And it is necessary that the foam forms a protective film on the skin so that the blade glides over it well. The perfect lather has roughly the consistency of whipped cream and to achieve this, the raw material stearic acid is needed, which is declared as stearic acid or stearate in the ingredients. It should therefore be present in abundance in shaving soap and be high on the list of incis. Shaving soap is gently boiled to preserve the effective ingredients from natural vegetable oils and fats. As a rule, shaving soaps do not contain any chemical additives. Shaving soap is available in an infinite number of variations, in all possible fragrances and of course for every skin type.  

What kind of shaving soaps are there?

Shaving soap comes in different varieties. You can roughly distinguish between four different types:

  • Hard shaving soap: It looks almost like an ice hockey puck. Either it comes in a jar in which you can lather it up directly, or it comes without a jar or as a refill. In this case, you also need a small bowl in which you can lather up the shaving soap. To do this, you can either put the whole soap in the shaving bowl or scrape some off. An example of hard shaving soaps are the ones from Haslinger.
  • Soft shaving soap: The soft shaving soap is, as the name suggests, soft. This shaving soap is supplied either in a jar or in a refill/stock pack. The soft shaving soap is also foamed in the jar. An example is the shaving soap from Cella.
  • Shaving cream: It is similar to a soft shaving soap and comes in a tube. You can either whip the shaving cream in the jar or directly on the skin.
  • Shaving stick: A shaving stick is similar in consistency to a firm shaving soap. However, you don't need a jar to use it, because you can spread the soap directly on your face with the help of the pen and then lather it up there.

What are the advantages of a classic shaving soap over shaving foam?

Those who opt for a classic wet shave have the choice between shaving soap and shaving foam. But what are the actual advantages of traditional soap? Both products ensure that the moisture of the foam softens the beard hairs, making them easier to shave. The razor glides smoothly over the skin and grips the beard hairs more easily. Both therefore ensure a comfortable and pleasant shave. But what is the difference between classic shaving soap and the practical foam from the can? Shaving soaps usually contain natural ingredients and are therefore particularly gentle on the skin and do not irritate it. Shaving foam from a can often contains fragrances that smell good but also quickly cause skin irritation. In addition, the cans contain propellant gas so that the foam can be sprayed out of the can, which pollutes the environment. Shaving soap is also the clear winner in terms of yield, because it lasts much longer and you therefore have to buy less. Let's summarise: Shaving soap is more natural, more environmentally friendly, gentler on the skin and more productive than foam from a can!dambiro

What makes a good shaving Soap?

If you have a choice, you're spoilt for choice and with the huge selection of shaving soaps, it can take a while to find the right one for you! But what criteria should you actually look for when choosing? A good shaving soap should produce a creamy lather in around 45 to 60 seconds, regardless of the shaving brush you use. If you don't get a good lather, it may be because you used too much or too little water. So first vary the amount of water a little and keep testing before you write off the shaving soap too quickly. Most shaving soaps contain only natural ingredients. Make sure that the soap does not contain artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin. Of course, you should also like the scent of the soap and find it pleasant. After shaving, the skin and beard hair will smell of the soap. Here you can choose according to your personal preferences. From fresh to spicy to woody - with the large selection, there is certainly the right scent for everyone!    

How is a shaving soap used?

In addition to the shaving soap, you need a shaving brush, a container for mixing, ideally a shaving bowl, and some water. Then you put the shaving soap in the bowl, moisten the shaving brush and put some water on the soap in the bowl. Then whip the shaving soap with the brush in a circular motion. After a few seconds, you can usually take the shaving soap out of the bowl and continue stirring with the remaining water. It takes about 45 to 60 seconds until you have the perfect lather. You can recognise a good lather by the fact that it has about the consistency of whipped cream. Practice makes perfect, and with time you will get the hang of it! If the result is too thin, simply use a little more of the shaving soap and if it doesn't foam properly, add a little more water. Once the perfect lather is achieved, you can apply it to your face and after a short soaking time of about 2 to 3 minutes, start wet shaving. After shaving, rinse the soap briefly under the tap, dab carefully with a towel and then leave to dry thoroughly.

What do I need for a wet shave besides shaving soap?

In addition to the shaving soap, you need a razor or a straight razor, a shaving brush and possibly a shaving bowl for the classic wet shave, depending on what kind of shaving soap you want to use. If you want to soften the whiskers a little before shaving, you will also need a small towel. You can put this towel, soaked in warm water, on your face before shaving. This softens and sets up the beard hairs, which leads to a better shaving result.dambiro

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