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Shaving Gel

Shaving gel for a precise shave

Shaving gel is totally trendy. The refreshing gel is easy to apply and allows a very thorough and very precise wet shave. In addition, unlike conventional shaving soap, it does not need any tools such as crucibles or shaving brushes for foaming.

The benefits of shaving gel

Perhaps one or the other is torn between shaving gel and shaving foam, because they are very similar from their dosage form and application. But what are the benefits of shaving gel? Well, on the one hand the shaving gel like the shaving foam is also very easy to handle. Apart from the razor blade or the razor blade with the appropriate razor blade, no further shaving is required. Furthermore, the use of shaving gel is very time-saving, because the cumbersome foaming, as with a shaving soap, falls away. The shaving gel, like the shaving foam, can be applied directly to the areas to be shaved in the face. In contrast to the shaving foam one must foam the shaving gel however in connection with a little water. The advantage of shaving gel, however, lies clearly in the compact foam, which is created and the very precise shaving, which is thereby possible. In addition, shaving gel is more productive than shaving foam.

How is shaving gel used?

Firstly moisturize your face. Then place a little shaving gel on the palm of the hand and then spread it with circular movements on the areas to be shaved on the face. The foam is produced by the easy massaging. Once a beautiful foam layer has emerged, and you have this moment acted, you can begin shaving.
Tip: If you want to shave only a small spot, place very little of the shaving gel in the palm of the hand and foam it directly there. After that, you can give the finished foam to the desired place on the face and shave this.

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