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Room Fragrance

Pleasant scented room perfumes

Room perfumes are an elegant variant of bringing pleasant fragrance into your home. They not only exude a beautiful aroma, but also look very decorative. Perfumes are available in many different scents, so that everyone can find the right scent for a feeling of wellbeing that fits perfectly into the home ambience.

What exactly is a room perfume?

A room perfume is a perfume specially designed to create a pleasant ambience in rooms by continually giving a pleasant fragrance into the air. The room perfume works without electricity and is therefore very economical and cheap.

How does a room perfume work?

The room perfume is in a small bottle, which is mostly made of glass and often transparent. In order to distribute the perfume in the room, one has to remove the lid of the bottle and set some of the supplied wooden sticks. The more sticks you put in, the more intense the scent in the room, because they act like a diffuser, which gives the fragrance into the air. The vial with the sticks can be placed in any place, but preferably always outside the reach of children.

How long does a room perfume last?

How long the room perfume holds depends, first of all, on the amount of the perfume. On the other hand it plays a role, how many diffusor sticks one put into the bottle. The more sticks in it, the faster the bottle is empty. Moreover, a drafty location can also lead to faster consumption of the room perfume. As a rule, a bottle holds with room perfume but between two and four weeks.

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