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Heavenly room vents for every purpose

Room ventilators have the power to give an area a very specific ambience. With their aromas, they ensure the right mood and make you feel comfortable. These aromatic vapors are available in many different forms to be able to use the room fragrance in any position and in every living area.

What types of room ventilation are there?

Spaces are available in different dosage forms and for different areas.

Room freshener / room deodorant: The most well-known variant of room diffusers are the classic sprays sprayed like a deodorant into the air. They are easy and quick to apply and immediately provide the desired effect.

Electric room fresheners: This type of room fragrance is plugged into a socket. The diffuser is equipped with a cartridge, which in turn contains room parfum. The electric room freshener gives the desired scent uniformly over several weeks.

Room freshener as gel: The gel freshener of the room fresheners is located in a container which is simply placed in the room. The fragrance is slowly released through openings in the container. This type of air freshener is particularly suitable for small rooms or cabinets.

Fragrance pillow: As the name suggests, these are small fragrant pillows. These are also particularly well-suited in small rooms or cabinets.

Room perfume: A very elegant solution for a pleasant ambience is the room perfume. This is a perfume, which is in a small bottle and is placed open to any place in the room. So that the scent is released from the bottle into the room, you place a few wooden sticks, which are soaked with the perfume and gradually release it into the air. By the way, the more sticks you put into the bottle, the more intense it smells.

Air freshener for the car: Of course you would like to have a pleasant scent in the car, so there is special air freshener for this purpose, which can be attached to the rearview mirror. The air fresheners for the car spread over a period of several weeks a pleasant smell, which turns the car into a feel-good oasis.

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