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Heavenly room fragrances for every purpose

For a special ambience! Room fragrances give every environment a very special atmosphere. With their aromas, they create the right mood and make you feel good all round. These aromatic mood-setters are available in many different forms, so that the room fragrance can be used correctly in every living area.


What types of room fragrances are there?

Room fragrances are available in different variants and for different areas.

Air Freshener/Room Deodorant: Probably the best known variant of room fragrances are the classic sprays, which are sprayed into the air like a deodorant. Room deodorant is quick and easy to apply and immediately provides the desired effect.

Electric Air Freshener: This variant is plugged into the socket. The diffuser is fitted with a cartridge containing a room perfume. The electric room freshener emits the desired fragrance evenly over several weeks.

Room Scent Gel: The gel version of the room fresheners is in a container that is simply placed in the room. The fragrance is released slowly through openings in the container. Scentgel is particularly suitable for small rooms or cupboards.

Scented Pillows/Scented Sachets: As the name suggests, these are small scented pillows. Scented sachets are also particularly suitable for small rooms or cupboards.

Diffuser: A very elegant solution for a pleasant ambience are stylish diffusers. This is a perfume that is contained in a small bottle and can be placed open anywhere in the room. In order to release the fragrance from the bottle into the room, you place a few wooden sticks in it, which soak up the perfume and gradually release it into the air. By the way, the more sticks one puts into the bottle, the more intensive the scent is.

Car Air Freshener: It may also smell pleasant in the car. And that's why there are special air fresheners that can be used quickly and easily in the vehicle. The air fresheners for the car emit a pleasant fragrance over several weeks, turning the car into a true oasis of well-being.

Room Perfume: Room perfume can be used in specially designed diffusers and gives off a wonderful scent. Depending on the size of the room and personal taste, the intensity of the fragrance can be varied slightly by dosing the perfume.


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