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Roll-on Deodorant

Roll-on deodorants - handy, practical & safe protection

Roll-on deodorants are similar to deodorant sticks, but differ in the consistency of the deodorant. The deodorant contained in roll-on deodorant is liquid but still slightly creamy. This liquid is applied using a ball located on the small container containing the deodorant. The roll-on deodorant is ideal for preventing excessive sweating, as it often contains antiperspirant ingredients. In addition, the format of the roll-on deodorant is very handy and light. Thus it is suitable wonderfully for the handbag or the journey.

How to apply the deodorant

Simply remove the cover of the roll-on deodorant to reveal the ball. Now you roll the roll-on two or three times over the skin of the armpits and spread the deodorant fluid like a film on the skin. Before you put on your clothes, you should wait a few minutes until the deodorant is slightly absorbed in order to avoid unattractive stains.

The advantages of a roll-on deodorant

Roll-on deodorants are without alcohol, which is particularly skin friendly. Alcohol can irritate the skin and lead to redness and burning, especially after shaving. A roll-on deodorant without alcohol can be applied to the skin without pain even after shaving.

Many roll-on deodorants also have nourishing ingredients that ensure a smooth, soft skin. The tender armpit is particularly susceptible to irritation and redness, as it is particularly stressed by shaving and sweating. The deodorants provide an appropriate care and a beautiful skin under the arms.

The format of the roll-on deodorants is usually handy and small. This makes them perfect for on the road. Whether in the handbag or in the suitcase, the small roll-on deodorants find space everywhere.

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