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Sharp razor blades for the perfect wet shave

For the wet razor, one needs a razor or a razor with a corresponding razor blade. The importance of the razor blades should not be underestimated in the wet razor, as they are one of the most important factors for a pleasant and smooth wet shave.

What should be considered with razor blades?

Razor blades should be very sharp and should be replaced regularly. Whether you prefer conventional razor blades or system blades, is a matter of taste.
But why is it so important that the razor blades are very sharp and regularly changed? A sharp blade allows a pleasant, clean and smooth shave. Say the whiskers are shaved without the razor blade pulling on them. A dull razor blade can cause unpleasant plucking when shaving. This not only feels bad, but can also lead to skin irritations. Likewise, the risk of minor cuts and shaving burns while shaving with blunt razor blades is increased.

For this reason, one should use very sharp razor blades, especially with very thick beard hair or sensitive skin. In addition, you should also change the razor blade regularly, because even the sharpest razor blade will sometimes blunt.

How often should you change the razor blades?

How often a razor blade is replaced depends on the quality and durability of the razor blade and on the other hand the strength of the beard, the condition of the beard hair and the type of skin. At first glance, this may sound a little complicated, but it is not. The thicker the beard is, the faster the blade becomes blunt and the more often it has to be changed. It also depends on how often you shave. Anyone who shaves every day has to think of a new razor blade earlier than someone who shaves every five days. In addition, the sensitivity of the skin as a factor flows to me. If you have very sensitive skin, the razor blade should change more frequently than someone with rugged skin.

Roughly one can say that one should change the razor blade under normal conditions after about 12 shaves. In men with very sensitive skin the change is appropriate after six shaves. Since this is only a rough guideline, it is advisable that everyone find the ideal time to change the razor blade.

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