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Baby powder for babies and other tips and tricks with baby powder

Baby powder has long been the means of choice when it comes to caring for babies. Baby powder helps keep the baby in the nappy area dry and maintain the skin. Even though today there are alternatives to baby powder, it is still a popular way to keep babies.

The right application of baby powder
Baby powder can help keep the baby's skin dry and healthy, especially in the diaper area. The powder absorbs the fluid and protects the skin from inflammation and irritation.

In order to infiltrate the baby when she is being wounded, simply give a little baby to the appropriate zone. Care should be taken to ensure that the powder does not stir too much. It is recommended to massage the baby powder a little so that it is absorbed by the skin and does not rub the loose powder particles on baby's skin when the little one moves.

When using baby powder, care should be taken to ensure that neither the baby nor the parents inhale the powder as it can lead to breathing problems and pneumonia. In addition, the powder canister should always be kept out of the reach of children.

Baby powder not just for babies bottom
Besides the care of the diaper area, baby powder can also prevent inflammation of other skin folds on baby's body. Especially on hot days, when the baby sweats very much, skin irritations can develop in the skin folds that many babies have on the arms and legs. In order to protect the skin, a little baby powder can be applied in the skin folds.

In addition, baby powder can also be used for different purposes. There is no limit to the creativity and baby powder is therefore already a miracle for more volume of eyebrows and eyelashes. As a substitute for dry shampoo and deodorant, it also has numerous advocates and in turn others swear to fix your makeup with it.

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