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poppy from Salento

Poppy from Salento

A sparkling and exuberant bouquet of fresh notes and floral fragrance from life to a lively, graceful and exciting as the land that inspired it. Notes intense and vivid enhance femininity spontaneous and graceful, elegantly harmonious like the flowers of the poppy swaying in the wind in sunny fields.

         Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml
         Body Lotion 400 ml
         Shower Gel 500 ml
         Shower Gel 250 ml
         Body Lotion 250 ml
         Liquid Soap 300 ml
         Vegetable Soap 200 g
         Perfumed Water for the Body Spray 200 ml

     HEAD: Mandarin, Black currant, Pear
     BODY: Jasmine, Rose, Peony, Wildflowers
     FUND: White Musk