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Body peelings and scrubs for a fresh skin feeling

Body peelings and scrubs nurture and revive the skin by freeing them from dead skin cells and impurities. In addition, they stimulate the skin's blood circulation and thus provide an invigorating fresh feeling as well as a silky soft and smooth skin.

How does a body peeling work?

A body peeling or scrub contains small peeling particles, which can consist either of salts, cereals, ground shells of pod fruits or the like. These peeling particles, when massaging a body peeling, ensure that dead skin cells and impurities are removed from pores. In addition, the massage stimulates the circulation of the skin with the scrub, which promotes cell regeneration. The skin becomes so by the body peeling cleaner, finer, softer, firmer and better receptive for subsequent treatments with creams etc.

How is a body peeling used?

A body peeling is used, e.g. under the shower. For this, the skin is moistened a little. Then give the body peeling to the skin parts to be treated. Depending on the nature of the product, it is necessary to stir the peeling beforehand so that all the ingredients are mixed evenly. When the body peeling is applied to the skin, it is gently massaged into the skin with circular movements. Subsequently, the residues, such as the peeling particles, with lukewarm water, until nothing left behind.
After the body peeling, it is advisable to use a nourishing cream or bodylotion to moisturize the skin. The body peels the skin for such care products more receptive.

What kind of body peeling is there?

There are many different body peels that can be used depending on the type of skin and treatment. For example, there are e.g. special scrubs to remove skin impurities, others to refine the pores and help others with cellulite.

In addition, the body peelings also differ in the ingredients and peeling particles. Some scrubs have very large particles, others rather small, which are less aggressive and are advisable especially for sensitive skin. Popular ingredients and active substances of body peels are seaweed, sea salt, various vegetable oils and caring substances.

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