Felce Azzurra Deodorant 23 Items

Felce Azzurra Deodorant

Fresh and effective Deos by Felce Azzurra
Fresh and effective deodorants for the whole day! Available in four different fragrances.

Deo Spray Classic - The unmistakable smell of Felce Azzurra. It is particularly intensive and suitable for the care of the whole family.

Deo Spray Elegant - A pleasant fragrance of elegance and refinement exudes.

Deo Spray Dolce - A very sweet scent.

Deo-Spray Fresco - A fresh and lively fragrance that will accompany you throughout the day.

The Line Natural Freshness HYDRA - The Line of Deodorants Natural person Hydrafresh is particularly suitable to counteract the formation of unpleasant odors. It regulates the sweat secretion of the skin. Available in two different fragrances as spray, stick or roller.

Soft Deo Talk - enriched with talc particles, gives a pleasant feeling of softness and keeps dry all day. Available as Deo, Stick and Roll-on.

Deo Pura Freschezza enriched with Baobab extract, gives a feeling of protection and lasting freshness. There is a lively, floral fragrance free and is available as a deodorant, stick and roll-on.