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Care oils for skin and hair

The use of care oils is particularly popular in the wellness area. These liquids not only pamper the skin, but also provide their aromatic fragrance and a pleasant massage for deep relaxation and relaxation.

The application areas of care oils

Care oils are widely used. They may be e.g. can only be thrown into the skin, as a result of which it is nurtured and supplied with nutrients. Particularly effective is the use of care oils on the still moist skin. In this way, the moisture of the water is enclosed in the skin.

But also for a massage, care oils can be used. They enable the hands to glide smoothly over the skin and provide care for a relaxing feeling. Its pleasant fragrance strengthens the well-being and promotes relaxation. A massage with care oil can also relieve tension on the back, which is caused by stress.

However, many care oils are not only suitable for the skin, but can also be used for the hair. When applied to the hair, the oils ensure silky shine and easy combability. In addition, the hair is provided with valuable nutrients and moisture. The result is a healthy looking and shiny hair full of bounce.

What are the care oils?

Most of the care oils are purely vegetable and are composed of different oils. Popular oils are e.g. Argan oil, almond oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and marigold oil.

Almond oil e.g. is particularly good for the skin, as it is suitable for the treatment of various skin diseases such as acne, skin dryness or eczema. It also contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties and improves skin texture. Almond oil also stimulates the circulation of the skin, which is crucial for a young, firm appearance of the skin.

But not only the skin is treated with almond oil, but also the hair. Almond oil works wonders against dry hair and instantly gives them a silky shine. The vitamin E contained has a positive effect on the scalp, can soothe and thus fight dandruff and irritation.

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