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Using fango packs easily at home

Fango is not only used in the beauty sector for the treatment of cellulite, but is also found in the wellness sector and in physiotherapy. Used especially warm, the fango has very relaxing and pain-relieving properties, which is why it is particularly effective against back tension and stress.

The use of fango packs

However, Fango is used not only in the beauty area for the treatment of cellulite, but is also found in the wellness area and physiotherapy. Particularly warm, the Fango has very relaxing and also pain-relieving properties, which is why he helps very well with back tension and stress.

Where can I get treatment with fango packs?

When it comes to fango treatments to relieve pain due to medical problems, the treatment of a fango pack can be obtained from a physiotherapist or masseur. For pure relaxation and wellness, spas or hotels with wellness areas are the best choice. If the treatment with the mud pack is purely cosmetic, such as the treatment of cellulite, you can get such a therapy in a cosmetic studio. However, there are many fango products for the treatment of cellulite that you can easily use at home.

How is the fango pack used against cellulite?

A fango pack against cellulite is usually ready for use. Sometimes you have to stir the mass well before you can use it. Then you apply it to the dry skin. Then it is important to wrap the mud covered areas with a foil so that the mud can develop its full effect. After leaving the fango pack to work for about half an hour, you can remove the foil and remove the mud either with a damp cloth or in the shower. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly reddened. This may be due to the stimulated circulation of the treated skin areas. For optimal results, a fango pack against cellulite should be used about twice a week. When using a fango pack, however, the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for use must always be observed.

Buy fango packs online

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