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A Mouthwash for a good dental care

Mouthwash is a sensible addition to toothbrushing and should therefore always be an integral part of daily dental care. Mouthwashes are available in a variety of different finishes and cover every need. No matter whether you are looking for a product for the prevention of caries or periodontics, the mouth odor to the collar or whiter teeth would like.
A good dental care includes the use of mouthwash

A good dental care should always consist of toothbrushing with toothbrush and toothpaste as well as the use of dental floss. A mouthwash is useful to supplement dental care. The mouth water can penetrate the areas that could not be cleaned by the toothbrush and the dental floss. It also cleans the soft parts of the mouth like the tongue and the gums. The mouthwash helps to kill bacteria in the mouth and thus prevents caries, periodontal disease and mouth odor.
Various types of mouthwash and mouthwashes

There is the right mouthwash for every need. On the one hand, one can choose between different flavors and starches, with most tasting for mint. Some slightly stronger and others slightly weaker. This is because mint naturally gives a fresh breath.

In addition, there are mouthwashes with and without alcohol. Mouthwashes without alcohol are not so aggressive to the skin, thus possible irritation in the mouth can be avoided. Depending on the sensitivity of the oral mucosa of the individual, an oral water without alcohol can be used.

As with the toothpaste, there are also oral rinses with various ingredients, e.g. Fluoride, which prevent caries and periodontitis.

For children there are particularly mild mouthwashes with a correspondingly attractive taste, which is less minty. Mostly the mouthwashes for children have a striking color.
Find the right mouthwash

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