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milk_shake®: Highly efficient hair cosmetics in harmony with nature

Man has appreciated the power of nature for thousands of years. But it is only today that the purest natural plant substances have been processed and combined using high technology so that they can develop their full potential and be optimally absorbed by the skin and hair. The new hair care label milk_shake made in Italy goes one step further: it not only develops its formulations in the research laboratory in harmony with nature without compromising on quality, but also respects nature in the production and distribution of the products. The result is - figuratively speaking - a deliciously fragrant, colourful milk shake made from natural ingredients for body and well-being!

Natural Beauty made in Italy

"Nature is our ally and we want to respect her." This statement comes from Ivano Panzeri, founder of the label, which has stood for innovative hair concepts since 1999. Initially designed for salons, direct customers are now also allowed to benefit from the innovative products. milk_shake is the latest and most comprehensive care, colour and styling series that offers solutions for all hair problems. No matter what hair type - milk_shake has the right product! Keeping hair beautiful and healthy for years to come.

Hydroglycolic sunflower extract, rich in antioxidants; a keratin-like amino acid complex from soy and wheat that the body cannot produce itself; hyaluronic acid from plant substances with its proven anti-ageing effect; fruit extracts rich in vitamins and minerals as well as milk and yoghurt proteins that give tired hair strength and volume: milk_shake combines certified organic components into highly effective treatments for all hair types. The focus is always on the health and beauty of the hair structure. milk_shake stands for shampoos, care, leave-in treatments, colour and styling products for women who enjoy life today but are not indifferent to tomorrow. All products are free of sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride (salts) wherever possible.dambiro

An eye on the future

However, the new naturalness does not only refer to the development of care and styling products incorporating the latest technological possibilities, but also to the entire production chain. "We are increasingly and consciously striving for environmentally compatible products," is the motto of the milk_shake makers. All plastic packaging and printed materials are recyclable, of course. And: 50 percent of the packaging is made of recycled plastic, which contains a special additive that accelerates the biodegradation process. Sustainable electricity from renewable raw materials and the careful selection of components for print products are important to the company. Marketing materials are predominantly printed on uncoated, certified FSC paper. "Our nature deserves to be protected. Our challenge is to use natural and organic ingredients without compromising on quality. Each active ingredient is carefully selected for long-lasting healthy-looking hair to leave it manageable, strong and luminous," says company founder Ivano Panzeri.

The individual product lines include:

  • Colour Care (protection and care for coloured hair).
  • Moisture Plus (for deeply hydrated hair)
  • Integrity (restructuring care for damaged hair)
  • Natural Care (intensive masks for healthy, strong and nourished hair)
  • Leave-in Treatments (for all hair types)
  • Silver Shine (the beauty secret for blonde hair)
  • Curl Passion (specific formulas for elastic, disciplined curls)
  • Lifestyling (defines, strengthens and transforms hair in no time)

Experience beauty naturally - With this concept, milk_shake fits perfectly into's extensive sustainable range!