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Mila Schon ( born Maria Carmen Nutrizio ) is an Italian fashion designer ,
a small workshop in 1958 opened the fashion in Via San Pietro in Milan. p>
Their designs were characterized by a sober and elegant style that helped so unadorned to a discreet luxury of the style .
Since then, she was popular and famous beyond the borders of Italy . p>
your famous fashion invention is the two-sided fabric .
Mila Schon applies in the fashion scene not only as Visionarin but also as a pragmatist .
Mila Schön considers her fashion as a lifestyle and was very successful through the 80s and 90s . p>

Japanese Itochu Group bought the brand in 1992.
From 1999 to June 2007, the brand Mariella Burani Fashion Group to is licensed. In July 2007, brand extension Srl got to start the new task you named it in the international market with Bianca Gervasio as design director .
The new era of brand debuted in February 2008 , the rediscovery of the origins of simple elegance , clean lines , strong connections between art and fashion and is timeless in its modernity . p>