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The right make-up for the perfect look

The perfect look also includes the right make-up and the perfect make-up includes an even complexion, a well made-up eye area, excellently staged lips and groomed nails. To achieve all this you need adequate products like foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish and the necessary brushes and accessories just to name a few.

The complexion

For a radiant face and a fresh appearance, the complexion is an important basis for make-up. To get the perfect complexion, there are various make-up products such as foundation, concealer and powder. In addition, highlights can be set with rouge and techniques such as contouring or strobing can be used to set the face shape advantageously in scene and to set shiny highlights.

The Eyes

Nothing in our face is more expressive than our eyes. They are the window to our soul. That's why they deserve to look and shine good. A meaningful song line, youthfully colourful eye shadow, seductive smokey eyes or just a little mascara. With the right eye make-up you can without doubt express a lot. Who feels his eyes rather as a problem zone can cause real miracles with the eye make-up, because big eyes can be made up for example smaller and the look of small eyes can be opened optically by bright colors. In addition, the face can be given freshness with a skilful eye make-up, for example by removing eye rings and setting bright highlights around the eyes.

The lips

Who doesn't dream of seductive pouty lips à la Angelina Jolie? Of course, not everyone is blessed with this by nature, but with the right lip make-up, the lips can be visually shaped and the pout is no longer in the way. Whether it may then be bright red or rather lips in a noodle look, everyone can decide freely and adapt to the rest of the make-up and look.

The nails

The nails are almost something like our figurehead. Besides the face, the nails are the most important part of our body for the famous first indent. Because with every handshake the gaze of the opposite falls inevitably on the hand and thus the fingernails. Even if you are in direct contact with customers at work, you have to reckon with the fact that the other person's gaze will wander away to his hands and thus to his fingernails. Well-groomed and styled nails are therefore an incredibly important part of complete make-up and styling. 

Nothing works without the right accessories

In order to apply the make-up correctly, the appropriate tools in the form of brushes and other accessories are required. Make-up brushes are particularly important here, because they can be used to apply an entire face make-up professionally. The advantage of make-up brushes is obvious: the make-up can be applied more precisely, the result looks professional and the make-up lasts longer on the lips for example.

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