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Lotto - over 40 years of success, quality, Italian design and passion for the sport
In June 1973, Lotto made its debut as a manufacturer of sports shoes. Tennis shoes signaled the start of the production, followed by models for basketball, volleyball, athletics and football. After that, sportswear entered the stage.

In the 1980s, Lotto created the first football shoe models and signed important co-operation agreements with internationally renowned players and teams. Through the fine-tuning of the products and the image of the cooperation partners, the company became the market leader in tennis and football. In the same period, Lotto expanded the export market. In June 1999, the company was taken over by a group of local business people who were already very active in the sports segment.

Dynamics, innovation, quality, Italian design and authenticity - Andrea Tomat, who took over the role of President and CEO of the new company, was renamed Lotto Sport Italia SpA. The goal of the new ownership structure was to play the strengths of the brand, driven by the passion for sport, combined with an increasingly better and more effective customer service.

Since 1973, Lotto has been proud of its inspiration. Lotto stands for stylish dedication and technical innovation and always at the side of the champions. The same applies to the Lotto care products developed in collaboration with Weruska & Joel.