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Scented Candles

Fantastically diverse fragrance candles

Fragrance candles are absolutely trendy. The well-being candles are available in almost every imaginable sense. From sweet to spicy to fruity and fresh, everything is really there. Probably the most popular fragrance candles on the market are those of the brand Yankee Candle. But also fragrance candles from Heart & Home and other brands do not have to hide.

How are fragrance candles available?

Fragrance candles are usually in a glass. Some of the glasses, e.g. the ones from Yankee Candle, also have a lid that allows you to close the scented candle when it is not lit. Thus, the candle does not lose fragrance while it is off. These glasses are often available in different sizes, but this depends on the manufacturer.
As an alternative to the glasses, fragrant candles can, of course, also be used in other dosage forms, e.g. Tealights, votive candles or candle tarts.

What are odor candles?

Fragrance candles are available in every imaginable fragrance. With the wide selection on the market and above all in our Onlineshop, guaranteed to no wishes any wishes open as far as the fragrance directions. There are also fragrances for every season, as well as fragrances for special occasions such as weddings, etc. In addition, there are fragrance candles that take you to various places on earth and take you on a journey or just candles, according to certain fruits or flowers smell. Fragrance candles are also very popular, interpreting sweet delicacies such as cakes and biscuits as fragrances. There are really no limits to the sense of smell.

How is a scent candle used?

The fragrance candles in the glass are simply lit by the wick. It is important to ensure that the burning candle is in a place where it can not place any objects or curtains, etc., on fire. It should also be placed on a heat-resistant surface. Also, the scent candle should be in a place that is not drafty. In general, one should never let a candle burn alone and light it out of reach of children and pets.
The incense candle should then burn for at least as long as it has begun to pool. This means that the upper wax layer has completely liquefied to the edge of the glass and the wick is as in a pool. Only then can the candle be consulted.

Why is it so important that a fragrance candle pools?

If you blow out a scent candle before it starts to pool completely, a deep hole forms in the candle over time, which prevents it from burning properly and giving off fragrance. In the end, a lot of wax remains, which could not be burned. Some scented candles have more than one wick, which simplifies pooling.

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In our extensive fragrance range you will find the complete range of Yankee Candle. We also offer heavenly fragrances from Heart & Homa as well as a selection of Nesti Dante. So be sure to browse through the wide variety of scented candles and find the right fragrance for every season and every occasion.