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Liquid Soap

Liquid soap - comfortable, hygienic and caring

The liquid soap has long since displaced the conventional soaps in many households. Gone are the days when a piece of soap lay on the sink. Today there is a smart soap dispenser with liquid soap. But why is the liquid soap so popular and what are the advantages of liquid soap?
Liquid soap, the favorite among the soaps

Liquid soap is particularly popular because it is stored in a practical dispenser and can be dosed easily and cleanly. In addition, the donor usually still looks good and makes a beautiful design element for the bathroom. To refill the dispenser, you can buy practical refill bags, thus protecting not only the money bag but also the environment. Liquid soaps are available for various purposes, e.g. There are antibacterial, disinfecting liquid soaps and those containing creams or refatting oils.

The advantages of liquid soap

Hygienic: The liquid soap is very hygienic as it is kept in a dispenser. This can be easily operated with a finger pressure. The quantity of soaps is released from the soap dispenser into the palm of the hand. Thus, there can be no cross-contamination with other users of the soap, as may be the case with a conventional soap piece.

Foam immediately: To wash the hands with a liquid soap, you only need a very small amount. The soap foams immediately when washed and gives a pleasant smell.

Skin-compatible: Because of the pH of the liquid soap, which is adapted to the pH of the skin, the liquid soap is more compatible. Due to the same pH and the absence of sodium hydroxide used in conventional solid soaps, the skin dries less in hand washing and is not as prone to bacteria.

Did you know?

Whoever is often washing his hands during the day, e.g. For professional reasons, should definitely resort to liquid soap because, as I said, the skin is not so much stressed due to the same pH value and has some refatting effect. Nevertheless, you should not forget the hand care after hand washing and apply a hand cream to the hands.

Buy the right liquid soap

In our online shop you have a very wide selection of different liquid soaps from brands such as milmil, Felce Azzurra, Malizia, Vidal, Nesti Dante, Borotalco, Nidra, Acque di Italia, Cléo, Tesori d'Oriente, Spuma di Sciampagna and others. In our range, we offer the liquid soaps in dispensers as well as in refill bags or refill bottles.