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Intimate Soap

Intimate soap for the right intimate care

To the balanced and correct body care also belongs the intimate care with a corresponding intimate soap. The sensitive skin in the intimate area needs special care as it is very sensitive and easily irritable. The special intimate care products are tailored to the exacting needs and offer thus not only a balanced care of the intimate area, but also protection.

Why is intimate care important?

In the intimate area many bacteria accumulate. You also sweat very easily there. Both can lead to infections and unpleasant odors. This is why it is important to include the intimate care in daily personal care. Since the skin is particularly sensitive in the area and has a specific pH value in the case of women, it is important to use the correct personal care product for the intimate care. There are also intimate soaps for women, men and those who can use the whole family.

When is the right time for intimate care?

It is best to do the intimate care right at the shower. In doing so, you should pay attention not to direct the shower jet directly to the intimate area, but carefully wash it with the hand or a rag. If you use a washcloth, you should wash it thoroughly after use and dry well. After two or three times use it should be washed at least 60 ° to kill all bacteria. It is important not to use shower gel for the intimate care when showering, but an adequate intimate soap.

Why is intimate soap so important for intimate hygiene?

The intimate soap has a different pH than normal soaps or shower gels. This is because the pH of the skin in the intimate area of ??the women is also different on the rest of the body. The pH value in the intimate area is slightly acidic to protect against bacteria and other infections. In addition, the skin in this area is generally more sensitive and reacts more strongly to ingredients such as alcohol, which are dispensed with in intimate soaps.

Men's skin is also more sensitive in the intimate area and therefore needs a particularly gentle cleansing, which ensure the intimate soaps for men.

By the way: For men, it is not harmful to use the woman's intimate soap.

Buy the right intimate soap

In our online shop, we have a large selection of intimate soaps for both women and men or the whole family with different ingredients, pH values ??and fragrances. Our range includes intimate soaps from Chilly, Vidal, Felce Azzura, Malizia, Intiley, Spuma di Sciampagna, Intesa, Cléo, Milmil, Lycia, Pino Silvestre and Schiapparelli.