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Hand Care

The right hand care for beautiful hands

A balanced hand care is important for healthy and handsome hands. The skin on our hands is very delicate and prone to dryness, even though we often strain and strain our hands. In order to prevent the drying out of the skin by the hands of the hands and manual activities, which stress the skin, a good hand care with hand creams is necessary.
The skin of the hands has special requirements

The skin of the hands is exposed to severe environmental impacts and daily work. Wind and weather such as sun, rain, cold wind and dry heat put the tender skin on the hands. In addition, there is daily working with the hands. Whether in the home or at the workplace, the hands are exposed to many different loads and products such as washing-up liquid, dirt etc. Considering that the skin on the back of the hand is as thin and delicate as the facial skin and also has very few sebaceous glands, it is clear that our hands can quickly dry out and become rough and cracked.
The right hand cream for your needs

Just because the skin is exposed to so many stresses on the hands and the moisture due to the few sebaceous glands and the little adipose tissue in the under skin can not store well, an extensive moisturizing with hand creams is important. The hand creams help moisturize the skin and help save it. They provide supple soft skin and prevent cracked hands.
In addition, some hand creams protect the skin from the hands even from the sun because they contain a light protection factor and UV filter. Our hands are almost always exposed without protection, which of course they also weigh with regard to UV rays. A protective hand cream can prevent skin aging on the hands, wrinkles and pigment spots.
Day and night cream

Hand creams, such as e.g. Face care products, during the day or at night. Hand creams for the day should be absorbed as quickly as possible so as not to leave any objectionable grease film and, in the ideal case, a light protection factor or UV filter to protect hands from harmful sun exposure.
Hand creams for the night can be more rich and greasier. In the night, they finally have time to move in and work. If necessary, the latex creams can also be applied very thickly and then covered with a cotton glove. So the cream can be absorbed overnight. The next day, the hands are softly soft.
Buy the right hand cream for hand care

In our online shop, we have a wide selection of hand creams with various ingredients such as sehabutter, chamomile, vitamin E, beeswax, argan oil and others. The right hand cream is guaranteed for every need, whether you are looking for an anti-aging hand cream, a hand and nail cream or a hand cream for extremely dry skin. In our range, you will find hand creams from brands such as Glicemille, Milmil, Prep, Tesori d'Oriente, Leocrema, Cera di Cupra and others.