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Use hair gel to get the perfect hairstyle

For short haircuts, which need strong hold, hair gel is the best choice, because it fixes the hair reliably. This allows all short hair styles to be styled, whether you want to raise your hair or prefer a wetlook. But hair gel is not equal to hair gel. There are a few differences that you should know.

The different types of hair gels

There are hair gels mostly in different strengths. These are indicated on the packaging with terms such as "strong hold", "ultra strong hold", etc. Depending on how firmly the hair is to sit, then can be grasped to a correspondingly strong gel gel. The strength to be used also depends on the length of the hair, for the longer the hair, the stronger the hair gel has to be, so that the hair can be removed. .

In addition to the different strengths, you can also choose between different looks. Some hair gels are e.g. Special products for the so-called wetlook, where the hair glistens through the gel even when it has already dried, giving the impression that the hair is wet. Other hair gels have a matting effect and others are all-rounder.

In addition, hair gels are often perfumed. It can happen that a brand always swears for the same scent for all hair gels and hair styling products. There are, however, also brands that offer hair gels in different perfumes, so that for every taste is not only visually something, but also with regard to the smell.

There are also differences in the packaging of the hair gels. For example, some products are packaged in tubes and others are in crucibles. Whether you decide for a hair gel in the tube or in the crucible is dependent solely on the personal preference and whether it is more convenient to draw the gel directly with the fingers from the crucible or push the product from the tube onto the palm of the hand.

How to use hair gel

The hair gel is first placed on the hand and then distributed in dry or damp hair. The desired hairstyle is then styled with the hands or brush or comb. When the hair gel dries, it becomes hard. The hairstyle is then fixed.

To remove the hair gel from the hair again, it can be simply combed out in some cases. In other cases, a hair wash or wash-out with water is necessary.

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