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Mousse - The all-round styling product for the hair

Mousse is more than just a styling product for the hair. A mousse makes the hair not only in shape, but nurtures and protects the hair as well. The foam for the hair is incredibly versatile and is able to emphasize curls and to give them tension, as well as to create more volume at the neck with fine hair, to define step cuts and to give short hair frictions the desired stability.

How to use mousse

Mousse is incorporated into towel dry hair. Depending on the length of the hair, a large amount of walnut-sized to tennis balls is placed on the palm of the hand and then kneaded in the damp hair. Subsequently, the hair can be air-dried or stylized as desired, for example by blow-drying it.

The benefits of mousse

Mousse can be used for all kinds of hairstyles. It is suitable for short hair cuts as well as for medium and long hair. It does not matter whether you have curls, waves or straight hair. The hairy hair is a particularly light styling product, which does not weigh the hair. The result is an airy hairstyle with hold.

In addition, many mousses contain nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, which maintain and protect the hair. The blow-dry, for example, which can damage the hair under certain circumstances, is not a problem with mousse, since the mousse protects the hair from the hot air.

Hairstyles that can be done with mousse

Mousse can be used to define existing curls and waves when they are placed in the entire hair length. In addition, with smooth hair, it is easy to style curls and waves with the product. For this purpose, the almost dry hair with mousse is simply wrapped on curlers and then completely dried. The result are beautiful curls or waves with great jumping power.

If you have fine hair and want more volume, simply add a bit of mousse to the hairline and then blow-dry it with a brush to achieve the desired volume effect.

Long and medium-length hairs can be structured with mousse. Above all, step cuts get morw wow by the incorporation of the styling mousse.

Short hair treatments are also no problem for the hair product. No matter if you want to put your hair up or make a fancy dress, the mousse makes it possible without the hair to complain.

For each type of hair the appropriate mousse

As with shampoo and other hair care products, there is, of course, the appropriate mousse for every type of hair. For example, there are e.g. Products that are designed for curly, dyed, gray or fine hair. In addition, there are special sudsers which protect the hair mousse external influences, e.g. The blow-dry and are particularly nourishing.

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