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The right shampoo for every hair type

There are many different hair hampoos that solve almost every hair problem. Which is now the right shampoo, depends entirely on the hair type. Moreover, the price and the brand do not play such a big role at all. The compatibility and the effect of shampoos is important.

Oily hair

The excessive sebum production of the scalp is often the cause of greasy hair. Anti-fat shampoos soothe the scalp and have no refatting ingredients such as oils.

Thin, fine hair

For thin, fine hairs, a volume shampoo is recommended, which provides an increased filling thanks to an upholstery effect. The hair gets more distance from each other and therefore the hair has a total volume.

Dry, stressed, brittle and lusterless hair

Often the roughened structure of the hair is due to the fact that the hair looks lusterless and brittle. In order to repair this damage to the hair structure caused by external influences such as sun exposure or coloring of the hair, it is recommended to use a repair shampoo. This shampoo restores the hair, fills and seals the tips. Popular ingredients of the repair shampoos are vegetable oils.


Against dandruff, anti-dandruff help shampoos. These help to soothe the scalp. Some anti-shampoos also have ingredients that act against eczema or fungus, because often this is the cause of dandruff.

Colored hair

Dyed hair is heavily stressed by the dyeing process and is therefore often brittle and brittle. Here, repair shampoos can help or special shampoos for dyed hair, which supply the hair with the necessary nutrients, in order to regain strength. They also protect the color, e.g. Through UV filters from the sun, and provide shine.

Buy the right shampoo online for every hair type

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