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Everything about hair care

The hair is an important part of our aspect, the more important it is that they look well-groomed and healthy. There are many products for the perfect hair care, not least because there are different hair types and hair lengths, which are to be dealt with individually and whose special needs have to be considered.

What kind of hair care products do exist?

As I said, there is a large number of hair care products that leave practically no wishes open, no matter what type of hair you have. The hair care products range from shampoos to conditioners to hair care, hair gels, mousse, wax and special anti-hair loss products.


A shampoo serves primarily to clean the hair, but also to maintain it at the same time. Some shampoos are designed to solve various problems, e.g. Anti-dandruff shampoos or shampoos for fine, stressed or slightly greasy hair.

Hair conditioner

Conditioners maintain the hair after washing with shampoo. They close the delicate scales of the individual hair and make them softly and easily combed. Conditioner also have nourishing ingredients that maintain the hair.

Deep conditioner

Deep conditioner are similar to conditioners, but have a slightly more intense effect. They repair the hair and rebuild it. Unlike conditioners, deepc onditioners can not be applied daily.

Anti-hair loss products

Hair loss can be a real problem, not only optically but also mentally. In order to prevent or stop the hair loss, there are some shampoos that use caffeine to strengthen the hair roots or else tinctures, which are particularly effective against hair loss.

Hair tonic

Hair tonic is used not only to give the hair a pleasant fragrance, but also help in many cases against hair loss, dandruff or greasy hair. Hair tonic is particularly effective on the scalp and can also solve problems like irritation.

Styling products such as hair gel, hair wax, hair lacquer or mousse

Who is the hair extensively nurtures, then she wants to style accordingly. Depending on your hair style, your hair length, your hair type and your personal needs, you can count on a range of different products.

Hair gel e.g. Is distinguished by its extremely strong hold. The hair is firmed by hair gel and the hairstyle remains in shape in any situation.

Hair laquer also provides a very strong hold. With hair lacquer one can fix particularly well already styled hairstyles, like updos. The hair laquer not only gives the hairstyle a firm hold, but also a noble shine.

Mousse and hair wax are far more flexible than the other two products. With them, not only short hair styles can easily be styled, but they also give long hair frills the extra thing.

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