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GEOMAR Body Care

GEOMAR Body Care

GEOMAR uses in almost all its products the extraordinary resources of the Dead Sea, which are true beauty boosters. The Dead Sea, with its extremely high salt content, offers more than 25 types of minerals and trace elements that have a positive effect on the skin. For body care, GEOMAR offers Fango and Thalasso products, as well as nourishing and moisturizing products such as body lotions and oils, as well as special products for toning problem areas in the form of gel or spray. The body care products are particularly popular in Italy, where GEOMAR is one of the market leaders in body care products for the treatment of cellulite.

The Fango Products from GEOMAR

Fango is the name given to healing mud, which is rich in minerals and which, thanks to its draining action, is particularly effective in reducing the signs of cellulite. In addition to products for normal skin, GEOMAR also offers products with "Agrilla Bianca", which means "white clay" and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Depending on how much time you want to invest in the application, you will also find the right products here - depending on whether you have 10 minutes or a little more time available.

Thalasso products from GEOMAR

Thalasso means as much as "health from the sea". GEOMAR Thalasso Scrub is a body scrub that uses sea salt and trace elements from the Dead Sea to remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, leaving it soft, shiny and hydrated for a long time. The GEOMAR Thalasso Scrub is available in many different variations, enriched with other effective ingredients such as coffee powder, lemon extract, strawberry seed or red salt from Hawaii - this exciting range is sure to have the right peeling for everyone.

Moisturizers and products with special application

The GEOMAR range of body care products also includes body lotions and oils that care for the skin, provide intensive moisture and are ideal for daily body care. The GEOMAR body care range is rounded off by special products for tightening and modelling problem zones, such as Remodelling Spray for abdomen and hips or the Impact Effect Cream Gel for thighs, bottom, stomach and arms.