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GEOMAR Anti-Cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Products from GEOMAR

The popular Italian brand GEOMAR offers a wide range of anti-cellulite products, all containing natural minerals. The anti-cellulite products also contain effective ingredients such as sea algae, sea salt or valuable trace elements from the Dead Sea. GEOMAR's product range extends from Thalasso scrubs to Fango products and cooling, purifying gels.

The GEOMAR Thalasso Scrub

GEOMAR Thalasso Scrub is an effective body scrub that reduces the signs of cellulite thanks to its ingredients such as sea salt and trace elements from the Dead Sea, while making the skin wonderfully supple. Thanks to the gentle peeling particles dead skin flakes are removed and the regeneration of the skin is stimulated. After a GEOMAR Thalasso Scrub, your skin will shine and be silky soft. However, the natural ingredients ensure one thing above all: that even pronounced cellulite is visibly reduced. The Thalasso Scrub is available in very different variations, each stimulated with further effective ingredients - there is certainly the right peeling product for everyone.

The GEOMAR Fango products

GEOMAR's Fango products against cellulite are particularly suitable for sensitive skin because they are not rubbed over the skin like a peeling. The mud packs are simply applied to dry skin, where they are left to act for a while. In principle, the use of Fango products is similar to face masks - only on thighs, buttocks and hips. The high-quality natural ingredients of GEOMAR Fango products significantly reduce cellulite. And for very sensitive skin, some products are available with "Agrilla Bianca", which means white clay.

The cooling GEOMAR gels and creams

GEOMAR's cooling gels and creams round off every anti-cellulite treatment. They provide a pleasant cooling of the skin after a peeling or a fango application. They also help to release water retention, making the skin smoother and significantly reducing cellulite on the thighs, hips and buttocks. However, the application of creams and gels does not necessarily have to be preceded by a peeling or Fango treatment. They can also be used independently, preferably twice a day. They are particularly suitable for sensitive skin as they have no peeling particles and have a cooling effect.

Find the right GEOMAR anti-cellulite product

Since each skin type has different requirements and each has different preferences when it comes to anti-cellulite treatment, GEOMAR offers very different products with various forms of application against cellulite. Some of the products can even be ordered in sample sizes - perfect for traveling or just for testing. Just browse through our online shop and see if you can find the right product for you.