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The perfect complexion quite simply

The perfect complexion is one of the most important basics in make-up. Everyone wants a beautiful, smooth, even and fresh facial skin that gives a radiant appearance. With the right make-up and the right technique, the perfect complexion is easy to achieve. A few simple steps lead to the perfect complexion. 

Preparing for make-up

One of the basics for the perfect make-up is a good facial cleansing to prepare the facial skin for make-up. For this purpose, the face should be cleaned of dirt and grease with an appropriate cleansing gel or similar. Afterwards it is important to apply a nourishing moisturizing cream. The facial skin is now well prepared for make-up.

Start with the Foundation

The right shade is essential for a good foundation. In order to find the right shade, you should test some shades on the skin in daylight. However, it is absolutely necessary at the place where one would like to apply the Foundation later, for example in the face. It is best to apply three different shades and choose the one that fuses best with the skin in terms of colour.
Once you find the right foundation, you put it on your face. You can use either a brush, a sponge or your fingers. Before spreading the foundation over the face, apply small patches to the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and upper lip. They are then quickly spread over the face with strokes from the inside to the outside. It is important to veneer the foundation well under the chin and at the hairline so that there are no conspicuous edges.

The concealer for a fresh look

The best way to cover dark circles around the eyes is to apply a concealer. For a fresh look, distribute it under the eyes, in the corners of the eyes and also a little on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. This covers the dark circles around the eyes and sets fresh highlights.
Small tip: The concealer should always be one tone lighter than the skin colour. An orange concealer is the best way to efficiently cover dark circles around the eyes. To give the complexion more naturalness, a normal concealer can be applied over the orange one.

Powder for the mat effect

To fix the foundation and to get a nice matte complexion without annoying shine, you apply powder at the end. The best way to do that is with a brush.

Contouring for the perfect look  

A little more elaborate is the make-up with the so-called contouring technique. Different areas of the face are either highlighted or concealed with light and dark tones. In this way, the shape of the face can be put in the right light and optically perfected. For contouring there are special contouring sets which contain both light and dark tones. 

Strobing for glossy highlights

Strobing is the name of the make-up method in which you put small shiny highlights on your face. Suitable points on the face for strobing are, for example, the bridge of the nose, the lip heart, the middle of the chin, the highest point of the cheekbones and above and below the highest point of the eyebrows. The facial areas, where highlights were set with strobing, simply attract attention. So this is a great way to highlight or distract one game from another.

Tip for the perfect complexion

If the complexion starts to shine again after make-up, do not apply another layer of powder or make-up. Instead, place a thin, absorbent cosmetic tissue carefully on the face and press on lightly. The paper tissue absorbs the skin fat and the complexion is again nicely matt and fresh.

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