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The right foot care for healthy feet

Our feet are subjected to heavy loads every day. In addition, we often use them in fixed shoes, which sweat and get pressure points. Balanced foot care is therefore important for our feet and their skin to remain supple, soft and above all healthy. For the foot care there are different foot care products, which fulfill different purposes. Including foot creams and gels, foot baths, foot deodorants, powder for the feet, special soap for the feet, pavement for chicken eyes and some more.
Different types of foot care

Foot baths: A foot bath is the right choice for the relaxation, cleansing and care of your feet. For footbaths, there are various supplements which have a relaxing, nourishing, decongestant or invigorating effect.

Foot Creams: Moisturizing creams give the stressed skin moisture on the feet and make them supple. They are also used to prevent cracking. There are also anti-inflammatory creams and cooling gels.

Foot Deodorants: Footdeos are in the form of sprays and deocrems. They not only ensure a pleasant fragrance but also inhibit the sweat flow.

Body Powder: Powder for the feet is anti-perspiration and keeps your feet beautifully dry. This results in a bad smell and diseases such as athlete's foot.

Soap: For the cleaning of the feet there are special antibacterial soaps, which clean the feet hygienically and fight unpleasant smell.

Corn Plaster: For pressure points and corns through inappropriate shoes, there are special plasters, which soften the thickening of the skin and relieve the pain, to relieve the pain that corn can cause.
Why is foot care so important?

The feet are an incredibly important part of our body. We are dependent on them because they carry us and we move with them. For this reason, it is important that the feet are healthy and pain-free. Even minor problems, which can be caused by a lack of foot care, limit us already when walking, or at least very much.

Callus and cracks: In order to avoid callus and above all, it is advisable to slightly soften the callus, if present, with a foot bath. Then it can be easily removed with a rasp or planer. It is particularly important to remove or minimize the callus at the sides of the feet. After footbathing, bathing or showering or heavy sweating, it is important to smear the feet with a moisturizing foot cream so they do not dry out. A drying out of the feet may result in the callus becoming contracted and small cracks becoming large cracks that penetrate into deeper skin layers.

Athlete's foot: To avoid unpleasant athlete's foot, make sure that the skin between the toes is not too damp. To achieve this, it is important to dry yourself between the toes after a foot bath, bathing or showering. Anyone who sweats heavily should be careful to wear shoes that are well-ventilated and avoid socks with artificial fibers. Cotton socks are the best. In addition, a footprint, a foot powder or body powder can be used, which binds the perspiration and thus ensures dry feet.

Corns and pressure points: Corns and pressure points are also painful. In order to avoid this, you should pay attention to the correct footwear. If, nevertheless, you want to put on tight shoes and you tend to have corns, you can stick a corn plaster to the endangered spot in order to relieve it and protect it against the formation of a pressure point. If there is already a corn, there are numerous patches specially for the different parts of the feet.
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