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Eye Care

The right eye care for a radiant look

The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate and delicate. Therefore, this skin part needs a special care for which there are specific products. From make-up remover to moisturizing preparations to anti-aging products, you can find everything for the eye part. If you use the eye care products correctly, nothing stands in the way of a radiant look.

What eye care products are there?

Eye Cream: Eye cream is particularly suitable for dry skin. The eye cream is rich and providing the delicate skin around the eyes with plenty of moisture.

Eye Gel: Eye gel is ideal for problem skin because gel do not grease. In addition, eye gel often has a refreshing and cooling effect, which can be particularly pleasant in the morning. Since gel does not grease, it also makes a good foundation for make-up.

Eye Fluid: An eye fluid is a mixture of eye cream and eye gel. It is also suitable for wearing under the make-up.

Eye Serum: An eye serum is a very intensive eye care, as the ingredients are concentrated in it. The eyes are best suited for the night, because they are very rich. In addition, they have to feed in at night, while the skin regenerates.

The right eye care for every problem

Eye Bags: One of the main causes for eye rings is, of course, too little sleep. However, another cause can be dry skin. This is why eye rings are best treated with a moisturizing eye cream. In order to cover dark circles, an appropriate eye make-up with concealer and highlighter is recommended.

Tear Sacks & Swollen Eyes: Especially in the morning it can happen, that you wake up with swollen eyes or tear sacks. The reason for this is often a disturbed lymph flow. Therefore, eye care products, which stimulate the flow of the lymphatic fluid, help against tear sacks and swollen eyes. Likewise, cooling eye gels can help reduce the swelling.

Wrinkles: Against the small wrinkles around the eyes, a moisturizing eye cream with hyaluronic acid is best. The eye cream provides a tighter skin and fills the wrinkles.

Tips for proper eye care

In order for the eye care products to penetrate and work properly, a thorough facial cleansing is necessary before the application of the products, in order to eliminate make-up residues and other impurities of the skin.

As the skin is very thin and delicate under the eyes, it should not be stressed additionally. This is why it is important not to rub the eye care products into the skin or to massage them. Eye care products are applied with gentle tapping until they are completely absorbed by the skin.

Eye care is applied around the whole eye, not just under the eye. So do not forget the eyelids. It's best to allow the eye care products to work for a while before the eye make-up is applied, otherwise it may smudge.

Buy the right eye care products

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