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Depilation with warm wax or cold wax

Depilation with warm wax or cold wax is a popular alternative to shaving. The depilation of the body hair with wax is popular both in women as well as in men. There are two methods to eliminate unwanted hair with wax, removal with warm wax and those with cold wax.

What is the difference between warm wax and cold wax?
As the name suggests, the two methods differ in the temperature of the wax. Warm wax is heated and applied to the skin. The liquid warm wax then encloses the small hairs, which must be at least 0.5 cm long, and become hard. Using a cotton or paper strip, the wax layer is removed to remove the hair.

The cold wax is usually already on such stripes, which one directly on the part of the skin to be deputed and presses there. Again, the strips are pulled off again, so that the hair is pulled out of the skin.

What is better, warm wax or cold wax?
So generally you can not say what is better. This is a matter of taste and everyone has to try it out for themselves. According to experience, the hair removal with cold wax is however more painful than with warm wax. On the other hand, the hair must be at least half a centimeter long when removed with warm wax, so that they are removed by the wax. Many do not want the hair to grow so long, which is why cold wax is better in this case. Also the application of cold wax is uncomplicated, since you have everything you need to depilate in a product.
Ultimately, however, everyone has to find out for themselves whether warm wax or cold wax is better for one.

How to apply hot wax and cold wax?
For example, the hairs must be at least 0.5 cm long as stated. Then add the heated warm wax to the clean, fat-free skin. The wax is applied either by means of a spatula or a roll when it is a donor. As long as the wax is still warm, put a cotton or paper towel on it and press it lightly. As soon as the wax is dry, it is pulled off against the direction of hair growth and the hair is removed. Excess wax should be removed with an oily cream.

Cold wax is easier to handle. First, rub a cold wax strip between the hands to heat it a little, then remove the protective paper and place it on the spot to be dehaired. After pressing it well, it is pulled back against the hair growth direction.

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