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Deodorant Sticks

Skin-friendly deodorants for long-lasting freshness

In case of physical exertion or on hot days we begin to sweat. This is quite normal as our body regulates the temperature and protects us against overheating. But also certain situations such as stress or excitement can make us sweat. In addition to unsightly sweat spots, it also leads to unpleasant sweat in combination with bacteria. To prevent this, the use of a deodorant is recommended.

The advantages of deosticks

Deosticks often contain no alcohol and are therefore particularly gentle to the skin. Even after shaving, they can be applied to the skin without causing irritation or burning.

Deosticks maintain the skin because of their firm, yet creamy consistency. It is soft, supple and simply looks healthy and well-groomed.

In addition, deosticks often contain antiperspirants that ensure safe dryness under the armpits. So you do not need to be afraid of embarrassing dark spots of sweat under the arms and is also protected against bad body odor.

The format of the deosticks is also quite handy and small. Thus, they are perfect for the handbag or travel. They can not leak, since their consistency is firm.

How to apply a deostick

The deostick is simply turned out by the little wheel at the lower end of the dispenser. Then two or three times with the stick over the armpit until it is covered with a thin film. Before you get dressed, you should wait a little while until the deodorant drys a little to avoid stains on the clothes.

Buy the right deostick

In our online shop we offer a large selection of deosticks for men and women - there is certainly the right stick for everyone.