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For everyday body care, a good Deo simply belongs to it. A Deo protects us from body odor, in some cases also against sweat and many of them also care for the skin. Deos are available in various designs, as a spray, stick, roll-on or cream. Deodorants are also available with different modes of action. There are those that inhibit perspiration, others are particularly long lasting and others simply create a pleasant fragrance. Which deo is right for you depends on the preference and needs of the individual.
Different types of deodorant

Dry deodorants or antiperspirants: Dry Deodorants have special ingredients that prevent the flow of the sweat. They keep the skin beautifully dry and avoid wet dark spots under the armpits.

Deodorants without fragrance: Deodorants without fragrance inhibit the welding process and ensure that no unpleasant smell is produced. However, they are also odorless.

Long lasting deodorants: Long lasting deodorants work all day, sometimes even up to 48 hours. So you are safe and protected for a long time, without having to spray continuously or to have to apply more Deo.
In which forms can you buy deodorant?

Deodorant spray: The deodorant spray is probably the best known kind of deodorant. At the touch of a button, the fragrant liquid can be distributed under the armpits and on the rest of the body. Since the deodorant contains alcohol, it can lead to skin irritation and burning, especially after shaving.

Deodorant stick: The deodorant stick is solid from the consistency. The stick is applied to the skin. Many of these kind of deodorants have antiperspirant ingredients and thus prevent sweat production under the armpits.

Roll on deodorant: The roll on deodorant contains a creamy liquid which is applied to the skin with a ball. These kind of deodorants also often contain antiperspirant ingredients.

Creme deodorant: The creme deodorant usually consists of natural ingredients and is therefore especially skin-friendly and caring. The cream smells pleasant and partly inhibits the welding flow. Many creme deodorants offer a long lasting protection.
Buy the right deodorant

In our online shop you can buy a wide selection of deodorants with different fragrances. You can also choose between different kind of deodorants. In our assortment you will find deodorants of brands such as Felce Azzurra, Borotalco, Malizia, Intesa, Denim, Brood, Borotalco, Gillette, Adidas, Old Spice, Vidal, Breeze, Lotto, Aquolina and many more.